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What is the Best Siding Material To Install on Your Home?

Texas has a reputation for having a hot and humid climate with frequent thunder, hail, and wind storms, especially in the areas that are closer to the Gulf of Mexico. Waves of intense humidity followed by dry spells start to take their toll on your home's exterior siding, causing it to crack, warp, buckle, and even allow mold to form in the areas that do not receive much sunlight. If the siding on your home is in this type of condition, you should call a Pflugerville Roof Replacement and siding expert ASAP.

Our homes in Texas also get pounded by hail, heavy wind, and rain. Most people have heard the saying "Everything is bigger in Texas", well that goes for our severe hailstorms too! Hail can be thrown sideways by powerful winds and crash right into your siding at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. Older materials that do not have UV resistance like the modern siding materials of today are much more prone to get damaged during these types of weather events.

For each of these reasons and much more, the most appropriate siding materials to have installed on your home is fiber cement or vinyl. Not only are long-lasting, tough, and elegant, but they are also super easy to maintain. With this sequence of benefits, these are the best choice for homeowners in Texas. On top of resisting humidity, they will also help deter:

  • The elements including hail, wind, rain, and snow
  • Insects and animals
  • Fading
  • Fire resistance

A Siding and Roof Installer in Pflugerville Will Help You Obtain The Perfect Look For Your Home!!!

If you live in Travis County and would like to learn more about the benefits of the siding materials we install, contact us today. Our siding experts will help you find the ideal color and style to give your home a major increase in curb appeal, and the durability to withstand our state's harsh climate while still looking beautiful year in and out.

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October 4, 2019
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